IT Infrastructure Services

HEVINSOFT offers a range of technologies to assist organizations in running efficiently.


HEVINSOFT offers a range of technologies to assist organizations in running efficiently. These services are essential to the everyday mechanics of an organization and integral to effective service delivery. These include hardware, software, networking and implementation.


We can supply almost any new IT Hardware at competitive prices with the help of our channel partners globally (INDIA, USA, AUSTRALIA, CHINA). Our hardware solutions provide business with quality, affordable systems. Please click our contact page and get in touch with our experts for quote.

Computer networking

Our team can install all aspects of your computer network so that users can quickly and easily share resources and files. We provide simple cost-effective solutions, ranging from two PCs sharing the internet and a printer at home, to a complete network encompassing a mix of cabled and wireless access points, multiple printers and a high-speed internet connection via a purpose-built server. We can also set up virtual private networks, so staff working at different geographic locations – even in other states – can have secure and reliable access to shared resources. Our wireless networks can serve entire homes, offices or even suburbs. The network can be easily and conveniently managed remotely over the web.

HEVINSOFT provision and implementation services

HEVINSOFT provision and implementation services ensure effective deployment of IT infrastructure and assist organisations to run efficiently. Our Services provide implementation and support in the following areas:

·         BPOS/Office 365 migrations

·         Server installs

·         Desktop rollouts

·         Office network setup

·         Networking implementation services

·         Ad hoc support services

·         Email services

·         Ad hoc computer repairs


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